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Cosmarino- Arduino Android communication via Bluetooth

Brand: BuildCircuit
Product Code: COSM0223
Item Location: Sydney, Australia (Shipping Worldwide)
Availability: Out Of Stock
AU $29.95

We are currently selling the Fully Assembled version of Cosmarino V.1.0

Description: Cosmarino is a versatile kit that can be used for experimenting with Android-Arduino communication via Bluetooth. 

The kit package includes: 

  • Cosmarino kit- Fully Assembled
  • Bluetooth module
  • Arduino Nano with USB cable
  • Infrared remote control. 



  • Android app controlled: The Cosmarino kit can be controlled with several Android applications made for controlling Arduino or communicating with Arduino via Bluetooth. We have used Amarino toolkit and many other Android applications for testing different features of the kit.
  • Bluetooth support: The control signals from Android phone are sent to Arduino Nano via Bluetooth. There is a Bluetooth module connected to the circuit board that facilitates communication between Android and Arduino.
  • TSOP4838 infrared sensor: There is a TSOP4838 infrared sensor on the circuit board which allows you to control Cosmarino with any kind of TV/DVD remote control. However, the kit package includes an Infrared remote control also.
  • Fully programmable: The kit is fully programmable because it has Arduino Nano.



  • RGB LED Control: You can control RGB LED on the kit using Amarino toolkit application. RGB LED control is possible with other general applications available on Google Play. 
  • Sensor graph: Display light sensor data on Amarino application interface. You can simultaneously control a 5mm LED while getting light sensor data on your phone. This gives you the idea of transmitting and receiving data from Arduino to Android and vice versa.
  • LM35DZ temperature data dispaly: You can display LM35DZ temperature sensor data on your Amarino app interface and at the same time you can control the 5mm LED. 
  • 5V relay control with Infrared remote and Android app: You can control a 5V relay with your Android app or infrared remote control that you use for your TV/DVD. 



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