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3 Digit Digital Object Counter ASSEMBLED kit

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We are now selling fully assembled and tested kit. 

This is 3 digits digital object counter kit for electronics beginners and hobbyists. It is the upgraded version of our previous 2 digits and 3 digits object counter.

You can use this 3 digit digital object counter for counting objects or people entering in a room. It can be used by engineers for learning about digital counters. 

This DIY digital object counter works with VS1838 infrared receiver and photoresistor and there are three seven segment displays displaying numbers from 0 to 999. An IR transmitter is directed towards the VS1838 infrared receiver of the counter module and objects are moved between the two modules. Each time an object passes between the two modules, the seven segment displays show increment in numbers from 0 to 999.


Using a laser module

If you are using the laser light, direct it towards the photoresistor and the pointed light should hit the photoresistor so that whenever the light is blocked, the counter starts counting. 

It now comes as a fully assembled kit. Customers don't have to assemble it.

The counter module works with 5V. There is a microUSB connector provided. You just need to power up the kit using a 5V mobile charger or any other power adapter. 


  • The distance between the transmitter and receiver modules can be around 10 meters if you are using the photresistor and it is 2 meters if you are using the infrared.
  • The counter module can be reset to 0 at any time and restart the counting.
  • The counter module can be operated with any kind of remote control. Therefore, it can also be used as a remote tester. For each press on the remote control, there is an increment in number. 

What's NEW ? 

  • The output of the kit is highly stable, there is no false triggering at all if you use the photoresistor and laser light for counting. It is 100% accurate.
  • If you use the infrared sensor, the kit will not have false triggering. However, it is affected by sunlight. If you use it inside a room keeping it away from external light sources, it will give 100% accurate result.
  • The previous kits had infrared feature only. Now, it has a photoresistor also.


The counter module

digital-object-counter-diy-kit-2.jpg  digital-object-counter-diy-kit-3.jpg


Infrared transmitter module



The laser light transmitter module

digital-object-counter-laser-light.jpg digital-object-counter-laser-light-diode.jpg



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