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About Tax Invoice

We understand that it is your right to ask for a tax invoice.
This is what ATO says:
"We do not charge GST from customers because we are so small that our annual income does not meet the minimum threshold required to register for GST. "
BuildCircuit is 100% legally registered Sole Trader Business (ABN: 35 498 526 460) and it is still not registered for GST because its income is below the required threshold. Therefore, we don't charge GST for any orders. The invoice we sent along with the package is the one generated by store system and that is 100% genuine invoice which has been accepted by hundreds of schools, colleges, universities and companies in Australia. 
The invoice/receipt we send along with the package is accepted by all the companies and schools in Australia and it is legal and genuine invoice/receipt. Many schools have issued Cheques based on that receipt/invoice
In Australia, Tax invoice means an invoice issued by a Business Registered for GST. We are not registered for GST, therefore, there is just a normal invoice, not a tax invoice
We cannot issue a tax invoice, because it is illegal for our business as we cannot collect GST from you.
A normal invoice should have a business name, business address and ABN number. All these three information are mentioned on the invoice.
Thank you.
Sagar Sapkota

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